Writing as an Invitation, Not an Expectation

As a writer, have you ever felt stuck? Do you find yourself playing tricks on your mind to get the words flowing? Sometimes these tricks work, and sometimes they don’t. Maybe “stuck” persists because we approach the same problems with the same forced solutions—internal negotiations, mental bribery, and emotional begging. Anything to push a stubborn, […]

Writing Prompts Unlock Freedom And Creativity

When it comes to unlocking creative flow for the writers I work with as a book coach, I have a 100 percent success rate. How do we do it? By utilizing writing prompts. As a writer, when you’re stuck, do you play tricks on your mind to get yourself writing? Do they work, or do […]

A Writer’s Guide to Book Award Contests and Competitions

Participating in a book award contest offers significant benefits beyond pursuing financial gain or notoriety; it also helps you gain exposure for your work, which is a great marketing tool. It’s crucial to consider the costs and benefits of writing contests before entering one, much like you would with an advertisement to market your book. […]

How I Landed an Audiobook Deal – A Self-Publishing Journey

Hey everyone! Welcome to the seventh entry in my series chronicling the self-publishing adventure of my book, The Dragon Squisher. My goal here is to give you some valuable tips and strategies based on both my successes and mistakes. Today’s lesson is all about how unexpected success can shake up your plans! Sometimes, no matter […]

How Hard is it to Get a Book Published?

There are no guarantees you’ll land a publishing deal, but there are plenty of things you can do to increase your chances. So, how hard is it to get a book published? Well, it depends on a number of variables.   Many authors dream of signing with a major publisher. And even though we here […]

eBook Publishing Strategies – 5 Essential Tips

Hey there, aspiring authors! If you’re thinking about publishing an eBook, here are five must-know tips to get you started.   1. Find your niche.   Before you even start writing, take some time to research the market. Check out what’s selling and what isn’t in the various eBook stores. Look at the best-sellers and […]

How to Choose Amazon KDP Keywords for Your Books

Choosing the right keywords for your eBook and printed book is crucial to its success. Book and author SEO are key parts of your online book marketing strategy. When people search for books on Amazon, the platform uses keywords to match relevant results to their queries. Studies show that the top 3-4 search results—often determined […]

How to Get Good Writing Feedback from Beta Readers

Getting feedback on writing is as essential to the writing process as breathing is to living. But unlike breathing, we don’t need feedback to survive, even though it often feels that way. The challenge comes when writers venture into the uncharted territory of requesting “feedback” without a clear plan, direction, or expectations. This can lead […]

How to Find an Illustrator for a Children’s Book

Illustrations and children’s books go hand-in-hand. From board books to middle-grade novels, illustrations are essential. Unless you’re aiming for a novelty hit like The Book with No Pictures, the importance of illustrations in your book can’t be overstated. If you’ve written a children’s book but can’t draw, how do you find an illustrator who will […]

Printed Books 101: How to Prepare Graphic Files for Book Printing, Pt. 1

You want your books to appear great when they’re printed, right? You need to deliver your printer manuscript files that are in perfect condition if you want that high-quality print.   If you’re wondering how to prep your manuscript files to make sure your printed books come out perfect, read these instructions carefully. Make sure […]

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