eBook Formatting: How to Properly Indent Paragraphs:

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Common Mistakes in Manuscripts

One of the most common mistakes authors make while preparing the manuscripts for ePUB conversion is using the tab key or space bar on paragraphs in a Word document. While this approach might seem intuitive, it can be the cause of formatting issues that make your ebook appear unprofessional and disorganized.

Proper Indentation Method

Make sure your ebook looks good and professional, it’s crucial to avoid using the tab key or space bar for paragraph indents. Instead, use Word’s design range’s paragraph settings to indent the first line of each paragraph. This method ensures that the ePUB conversion process runs smoothly and provides your readers with a better reading experience.

Fixing Existing Tab Indents

But what if you’ve already used the tab key to indent every paragraph in your extensive manuscript? There’s a convenient solution available for certain versions of Microsoft Word, although it may not work perfectly in all instances (Word 2007, for example, can be buggy).


Here’s how you can tackle the issue:

Click the Find and Replace function in the EDIT menu.

Enter “^t” in the Find field, leave the Supplant field vacant, and afterward click Supplant All. All of the tab indents in your Promise record will be eliminated.
Since there could be issues, it is smart to painstakingly survey your article a short time later.

Adding Proper Indentations

You can add actual spaces after removing the tab indents by choosing Paragraph from the Format drop-down menu. You may then apply these settings to the entire manuscript and specify the indent for the first line of each paragraph. Before starting the conversion, always check your writing to make sure all formatting is right.


Acknowledgments and Further Resources

Special thanks to author Shawn Bird for highlighting this useful trick. For more tips and assistance with your eBook conversion needs, check out BookFuel. They offer a variety of resources to help you create a professional-looking eBook. Visit their website and YouTube channel for more information.

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