eBook Publishing Strategies – 5 Essential Tips

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Hey there, aspiring authors! If you’re thinking about publishing an eBook, here are five must-know tips to get you started.


1. Find your niche.


Before you even start writing, take some time to research the market. Check out what’s selling and what isn’t in the various eBook stores. Look at the best-sellers and recommended lists on Amazon’s Kindle store or Apple’s iBookstore. Is your story unique? Download similar eBooks to understand your competition and carve out your unique angle.


2. Set realistic goals.


If this is your first book, don’t overwhelm yourself with ambitious targets. eBooks are often only 30 or 40 pages long. You don’t need to write the next War and Peace. Aim for 1 or 2 pages a day, and you’ll have a rough draft in a month. Many authors say that once you publish your first book, it becomes easier to get started on the next one.


3. Get some eyes on it.


Editing is crucial. While it can feel like invasive surgery, it’s important to have a carefully edited book. Avoid using family members as editors—they’re likely to be biased. Instead, find impartial acquaintances with good grammar skills or, better yet, hire a professional editor.


4. Your eBook cover matters.

Yes, people do judge a book by its cover. Make sure yours is professionally designed and looks good even in small sizes on devices like Kindles and iPads. You might have to simplify your design to make sure the title stands out.


5. Titles are super important.


Your title needs to be compelling, unique, and searchable. Avoid common names that could bury your book in search results. Also, ensure the title is easy to spell. Consider what your readers might search for and use tools like Google’s keyword planner to find popular search queries.

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