How to Convert Your Physical Book to a Digital Format

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Looking to give your old literary masterpiece a new lease on life? Thinking about scanning your book? Look no further! BookFuel can unbind and carefully scan each page of your beloved books, transforming them into brand-new printed editions just for you.


With millions of new authors entering the market every year, self-publishing has revolutionized the literary world since the Gutenberg press was invented back in 1440! But what about those seasoned authors whose works were published before the digital age? How can they re-enter the market if they only have physical copies of their books?


BookFuel has the perfect solution. Our Book Scanning service meticulously scans your old books, page by page, to create high-resolution PDF files. At just $150, it’s an affordable way for authors to digitally preserve and reintroduce their previously published works. Just make sure you’ve reclaimed the printing rights from your original publisher if you plan to republish.


After we’ve scanned your book, we can easily turn the digital file into softcover or hardcover editions. Keep in mind, the PDF version of your scanned book cannot be edited or altered in any way.


There are several great reasons to use our book-scanning services:


  • Archiving: Create a digital file of your work to ensure it lasts forever.


  • Portability: Scan and store those hefty textbooks or reference guides on various eReader devices.


  • Legal Requirements: Some documents must be kept in a permanent digital format, and scanning is the best way to comply with these regulations.


Ready to scan your book with BookFuel? Give one of our product specialists a call at (213) 444-4116 to place an order and mail your book to us. We’ll take care of the scanning and send you the PDF for review.


Do note that there’s a minimum order of 25 printed books for this service. Also, this is a destructive scan, meaning we have to remove all the pages from the spine to complete an accurate scan, so your original book cannot be returned.


Visit their website and YouTube channel for more information.


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