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Select Authors Published in January

We kicked off 2016 with a lot of great books! Whether you’re in the mood for a vampire novel or need to find your voice, we have you covered. Congratulations to the following authors:

Vampire Fugitive by A. E. Phoenix

A young Vampire “Orion” escapes from a vampire prison, after being raised there his whole life. Once in the outside world he finds help from an unlikely friend. A teenage girl named Holly, who helps him adjust to life in a human world and teaches him what it’s like to live like a human and love like one. All the while his former captors “Elves” are enlisting the help of other creatures to get him back. He soon learns the elves will stop at nothing to get him back. Even if it means killing everyone around him, including Holly.

Catherine MacGregor was a member of a witches coven. Lucifer had her strongly following him. To her he was her father. She had rejected her family. Yet because of a prediction made by a fortune-teller, she looked for true love; the King of Hearts.

In meeting Peter Sullivan, this man she believed was the one she longed for. However Peter with his strong faith in Christ, he wanted nothing to do with her witchcraft. He wanted to know the Catherine she was before becoming a witch. Will Peter get to know the Catherine that once was?

This book is of faith in God and redemption in Jesus Christ. This story takes us through two battles; the battle between the Power of Darkness and the Power of Light. The struggle of the Civil War that divides a nation and how each family is able to overcome the force of evil and have their faith in God to bind them.

Teach Your Kids About Nanotechnology by Mark E. Tomassoni and Rama Ramesh

Nanotechnology, or miniaturization of computers is the next revolution impacting all technology and persons throughout the world.  This book introduces students to the nanotechnology revolution and how it’s impacting each of our lives.

The Misluck Curse: Misfortune among us all by JAW

Bruises can fade, and cuts can be easily patched up, but sometimes, the mental wounds take the longest to heal. For eight years old James, life is just like one never ending nightmare with bullies after bullies constantly tearing at his diminishing well-being. No matter how many times he wishes or plead for some relief, it never seem to come. Until everything changes, when his dad decide to move away from this unforgiving town. James was over ecstatic with the news; this was his opportunity to be able to make his first friend.

“Do you want to be my friends?” My name is Sam, short for Samuel.” A young blond headed boy nervously asked. James could feel his heart exploding with true happiness. But for how long would it last, before James’s little secret interfere with their precious bond? Would Sam be the same as all the others? Or would he surprise James, by sticking by his side through thick and thin. Like a true friend should be.

SINGING: Nature’s Gift to You by Franco Spoto

There are so many books about singing but so few about the physical voice, its look, its feel. If you want to play the violin, you buy one built to function. You can hold it, tune it, learn fingering and bowing techniques and, given a musical imagination, be some kind of artist with it. Do you know what your vocal body looks like, feels like? Until you do, to what are you applying your musical imagination? In SINGING: Nature’s Gift to You you will find answers to that question.

Singing is not about being a “star” unless you want it to be. Singing is part of your nature, an expression of your consciousness, an emotional release, a tonic for your psyche, the primal scream gone pretty.

The journey of self-discovery of your melodic nature can be rested whenever you like. Just because you work-out in a gym doesn’t mean that you are dreaming of a Mr. Universe crown. There are so many plateaus after becoming “fit”. Hang out where you are most comfortable. The workout that Franco Spoto proposes here, after basic understanding of support, breath pressure and feeling the physical voice, can help you become the most natural jazz, folk or pop singer. The more diligently you work at it, the more balanced, strong and flexible your natural voice and, given those properties uniquely your own, the wider the choices of music open to you.

This book offers a vehicle for understanding your voice and becoming the best shower singer that you can imagine or achieving stardom in the opera house and all local stops in between. It’s about you.

A Rainbow After the Storm: Book One of The Storm Tales Trilogy by G.W. “Tabbi” Duggan

This is a story written with about the lives of those dealing with mental, emotional and physical abuse. Its purpose is to express all the emotions enclosed in the human soul. This is the tale of the emotional trials of a life that could be the truth of many lives. It follows the events of those who have learned that pain often creeps on silent feet. A tale that is meant to be a guide on a tour filled with passion, excitement and sorrow.

French Toast by B.W. Evans

What is the most intimate of acts two people can do together? It is the time that they spend together long after the physical wonder and intimacy has passed. It is the togetherness, discovering and seeing each other as their true selves and finding if the

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