How to Write a Good Story (Best Tips for Aspiring Authors)

Reading a good story isn’t just fun—it can be a powerful and life-changing experience. We get emotionally attached to characters, uncover insights about our own lives, and sometimes even feel a “book hangover” for days after finishing a great book (or is that just me?).     But as an aspiring author, how do you […]

Your eBook Checklist

Think you’re ready to self-publish your eBook? Great! We’re here to help, and this eBook checklist will help you get off on the right foot in your journey from your laptop to the marketplace. Note: many of these items are needed for printed book production as well. Manuscript That’s your book, of course. Before you […]

Writing Absurdist Fiction: An Invitation With Examples

Components of an Absurdist Novel   Those who want to poke sacred cows are welcome to the party. A common, universal theme for absurdist fiction is meaninglessness. Characters are typically disillusioned, purposeless, directionless, and nihilistic. You likely wouldn’t want to read about these characters unless there is some balancing element to propel the story — […]

What is a Character Arc?

A character arc refers to the transformation of a character—aka character development—throughout a story. It involves the changes, growth, or decline that a character undergoes as the narrative progresses. Well-crafted arcs allow your readers to witness a significant shift in characters’ beliefs, values, behaviors, or personalities. A character arc isn’t just good for your story; […]

The Best Writing Teacher You’ll Ever Have Is YOU!

It’s interesting how, as writers, we constantly seek outside feedback, acceptance, and validation for our creations. We want our words to be seen. We want to be seen. I totally get the desire; we pour hearts onto a page — a page intended to be read by eyeballs other than our own. Thus, it’s as […]

Six Writing Formats Every Fiction Writer Should Try

Whatever your chosen format as an author – novels, short stories, essays, etc. – trying your hand at others is an excellent writing exercise. Here are six writing formats to consider. If you are an author accustomed to writing in one genre, having a go at another can yield useful insights. In the same vein, […]

Plot-Driven vs. Character-Driven Stories

Great stories come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some writers tell fascinating stories that lead the reader through intricate plot twists while others delve deep into a character’s evolution from first word to final sentence. Knowing the difference between plot-driven and character-driven stories can help you become more effective as a writer, and being […]

How to Write a Book Description: Six Essential Types

A compelling book description can be the deciding factor in capturing your readers’ attention or losing it altogether. Learn how to craft a brilliant book summary and boost your book sales with these six types of descriptions: Think of your favorite books — the ones that have captivated your imagination and sparked your curiosity. What […]

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