Do You Have a Writing Strategy?

Having great ideas and good intentions is just the beginning when it comes to writing a book. A solid writing strategy can make all the difference in bringing your vision to life. When I embarked on my first book, I didn’t have a plan or blueprint to guide me. Instead, I relied on my homegrown […]

How to Break Up With a Dysfunctional Writing Relationship (In Three Easy Steps)

Struggling with Your Writing? Here’s How to Reignite the Spark If you’re finding it tough to enjoy the writing process, these strategies might help you change your perspective and rekindle your love for writing. Writing can be complicated. There are expectations, mental hurdles, judgments, and endless hopes. For years, I didn’t question the complexity of […]

Using the Three-Act Structure in Your Story

Give this classic storytelling format a try and see where your creativity takes you. Many of our favorite books follow a similar path. First, an old world is invoked or a new one created. Characters are introduced along with their relationships and surroundings. Something metaphorically explodes, setting events into motion, and we begin to understand […]

Writing as an Invitation, Not an Expectation

As a writer, have you ever felt stuck? Do you find yourself playing tricks on your mind to get the words flowing? Sometimes these tricks work, and sometimes they don’t. Maybe “stuck” persists because we approach the same problems with the same forced solutions—internal negotiations, mental bribery, and emotional begging. Anything to push a stubborn, […]

Writing Prompts Unlock Freedom And Creativity

When it comes to unlocking creative flow for the writers I work with as a book coach, I have a 100 percent success rate. How do we do it? By utilizing writing prompts. As a writer, when you’re stuck, do you play tricks on your mind to get yourself writing? Do they work, or do […]

How to Get Good Writing Feedback from Beta Readers

Getting feedback on writing is as essential to the writing process as breathing is to living. But unlike breathing, we don’t need feedback to survive, even though it often feels that way. The challenge comes when writers venture into the uncharted territory of requesting “feedback” without a clear plan, direction, or expectations. This can lead […]

A Writers’ Guide to Self-editing Fiction

The sense of completion, wonder, and elation when you finish the first draft of your story is often followed by a deep sense of uncertainty. Is it any good? What needs work? What happens next? Whether you are considering traditional or self-publishing, you want to ensure your story is the best it can be before […]

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