The Prolific Author: How Many Words Per Hour Can You Write?

Have you ever wished to be more productive as a writer? The good news is, it’s entirely possible without having to transform into a writing machine or chugging down excessive amounts of caffeine (though a bit of coffee might boost your enthusiasm). If you’re like me, you wouldn’t mind increasing your writing output to bring […]

What Kind of Book Editing Do I Need for My Manuscript?

Every author needs an editor. Don’t believe me? Read on. Determining what kind of editing your book manuscript needs can be a critical step in your publication journey. There are at least five distinct types of book editing, and often, a manuscript will require a combination of these approaches to be publication-ready. Hiring a professional […]

5 Ways Attending A Publishing Conference Can Help You Succeed

Looking for support as a self-published author? Here are five reasons why attending a publishing conference can help your career.   As an independent author, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone when it comes to publishing, distribution, and getting your book into readers’ hands. You sit at your desk every day – you don’t […]

Build Your Personal Brand and Sell More Books

Develop a Brand Statement The process is straightforward enough: describe what you do, not merely what you are. Instead of saying you’re an author—one among millions—describe a specific outcome. “I help parents raise healthy children.” In a few words, explain how your content benefits the reader or buyer. Then close with your brand statement. You […]

Do You Have a Writing Strategy?

Having great ideas and good intentions is just the beginning when it comes to writing a book. A solid writing strategy can make all the difference in bringing your vision to life. When I embarked on my first book, I didn’t have a plan or blueprint to guide me. Instead, I relied on my homegrown […]

eBook SEO to Get More Traffic and Sales

Ensuring your ebook reaches its audience is crucial in the world of book publishing. Above all, nobody will purchase your book because they cannot locate it. Search engine optimization is a potent tactic to boost website traffic and sales (SEO). You may raise the exposure of your eBook and sales pages, draw in more readers, […]

How to Break Up With a Dysfunctional Writing Relationship (In Three Easy Steps)

Struggling with Your Writing? Here’s How to Reignite the Spark If you’re finding it tough to enjoy the writing process, these strategies might help you change your perspective and rekindle your love for writing. Writing can be complicated. There are expectations, mental hurdles, judgments, and endless hopes. For years, I didn’t question the complexity of […]

A Writer’s Guide to Book Award Contests and Competitions

Participating in a book award contest offers significant benefits beyond pursuing financial gain or notoriety; it also helps you gain exposure for your work, which is a great marketing tool. It’s crucial to consider the costs and benefits of writing contests before entering one, much like you would with an advertisement to market your book. […]

Making the Most of Print On Demand, Part 2

All You Need to Know About Book Pre-Sales Welcome back to our Print On Demand series! In this part, we’re talking about book pre-sales and why they’re crucial for your book’s success. In Part 1 of “Making the Most of Print On Demand,” we covered the basics, including a sample timeline and discussions about inventory […]

Blogging Tips for Authors: How to Generate New Blog Ideas

I’ve recently spoken with a number of writers who merely find it difficult to write interesting blog entries. After all, they know that updating social media feeds, bringing in new readers, and retaining the interest of their existing readership all depend on consistently producing new content. To put it briefly, they are aware that one […]

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