How to Write a Book Description: Six Essential Types

A compelling book description can be the deciding factor in capturing your readers’ attention or losing it altogether. Learn how to craft a brilliant book summary and boost your book sales with these six types of descriptions: Think of your favorite books — the ones that have captivated your imagination and sparked your curiosity. What […]

How to Publish a Book as a Teenager

Do you know the youngest age to publish your book? First, from the legal aspects. There is no age limit in the United States. But if you are under 18 you need to sign a contract, a parent or guardian’s signature is required. This is the only legal thing that you need to do. Young […]

How to Become an Author Through Self-Publishing

Not that long ago, becoming an author meant diving into hours of industry research, networking up a storm, querying countless agents to try to grab their attention, coping with myriad rejections, navigating headache-inducing contracts and negotiations, sacrificing creative control of your work — and that was all after you’d written a book. Today, thanks to […]

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