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We’re happy to announce that that, two new videos in our self-publishing production series, have been uploaded. These videos will help you comprehend the fundamental skills required to produce a book that appears professional, regardless of whether it is published on paper or digital media. Why don’t we examine the points that are obscured in each video?

How To Set Up Your Book Pagination

Getting your pagination right is essential for preparing your files for book printing. Typically, page one is the first right-side page in your book. When you open the cover, the inside of the cover is on the left side—this isn’t a printed page, so don’t include it in your content PDF.
Many writers use Microsoft Word for their manuscripts, but it doesn’t always show you what your finished book will look like. To get a proper preview, try using layout software like Adobe InDesign. It shows you the correct pagination and makes setting up your book a breeze.
The good news? All books will be submitted as PDFs, and you can use Adobe Reader (it’s free!) to view your PDF just like a finished book. Our short video walks you through this process step by step. Watch it now on BookFuel’s YouTube channel!

eBook Conversion Basics

One of the most common questions we get is, “Why doesn’t my ebook look like my original file?” The answer is found in the reflowable nature of standard ePub files. This ensures consistency across various devices, such as PCs and mobile phones, and allows readers to alter the font and style to fit their tastes.

However, this also means two readers might see the same content displayed differently. The middle code that creates your ebook shows up on the screen, affecting how it looks.
To make sure your files convert smoothly to eBooks, start by enabling “Show Non-Printing Characters” to spot any formatting issues. Digital books work a bit differently…
For a detailed guide, check out our video on BookFuel’s YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading, and happy publishing!
Team BookFuel

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