Writing as an Invitation, Not an Expectation

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As a writer, have you ever felt stuck? Do you find yourself playing tricks on your mind to get the words flowing? Sometimes these tricks work, and sometimes they don’t. Maybe “stuck” persists because we approach the same problems with the same forced solutions—internal negotiations, mental bribery, and emotional begging. Anything to push a stubborn, fearful mind into “creative” submission.

I’ve tried all these tactics myself. Sometimes they sort of work; other times, not so much.

As a writing coach and retreat guide, I focus on unlocking a writer’s creativity. Or perhaps better put, helping the writer find inspiration in the everyday moments of life. Describe the snowfall on a Sunday morning. Read a poem and react through your writing. Open your fridge. Pick an item. What does it have to say?

Finding Writing Inspiration

These creative avenues and writing prompts inspired me to create a solution for achieving writing freedom. This solution comes from embracing the struggles faced by the hundreds of people I’ve worked with. More importantly, it comes from my own experiences as a writer who gets stuck. I call it the “Writing Freedom Forever” three-deck card system.

While this might sound self-promotional, that’s not my intent. This isn’t an infomercial. I’m all about finding simple, effective ways to make progress, using any means or tools that work. Maybe this will spark something in you. Whether you use these cards or not, there are valuable points you can apply to your own writing challenges.

The motivation and success I’ve had with clients through my unique approach of writing as an invitation were the catalysts for creating these writing decks. These cards are a clear example of a more pertinent point—the effectiveness of invitations. I wish I had something like this during my dark writing days.


Writing as an Invitation


The simple idea here is to see writing not as an expectation, something you have to do with a goal or result in mind, but as an invitation. Expectations come with a lot of baggage, stress, and a built-in scale of judgment. An invitation is an opportunity, a chance to engage willingly.


Breaking Free of Writing Snares


Typically, when a client comes to me, they seek something permanent to break through the barriers that prevent writing. They hope I will creatively, tactically, or mentally jar things loose. What most refer to as “writing prompts” help do this. I call them “invitations,” and there are specific distinctions that matter.


Why Invitations Work


Writing invitations bypass logic and the expectation of results, allowing an intuitive response. This is where our freest creativity comes from. There’s no time to get in our way and overthink.

As humans, we accumulate millions of moments over a lifetime. We build mental associations, both consciously and unconsciously, that filter into our knowledge, expression, and the way we show up in the world.


The Writing Freedom Forever Decks


Most writers want ways to continue writing beyond their retreat or coaching time with me. They want more invitations for continued freedom. That’s why I created the Writing Freedom Forever decks. As a writer myself, I know that easy, spirited reminders are essential for continued progress.


Find Your Freedom

These decks appeal to the mind’s inherent need for structure and productivity. They incorporate some of my core lessons and teachings. If you’re stuck and your mind won’t leave you alone, the deck offers tips and reminders to ease the mental struggles of writing.

Writing struggles are tough, but they’re a real part of the process and often lead to procrastination. Invitations are effective for bypassing the critical, judgmental mind and opening up expression.

Invitations are everywhere and can be derived from anything at any time.

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